Happy Home Wallet

September 2013 to July 2015

The worldwide economic crisis during the last years changed the lives of people around the world. The widespread prosperity that characterized the years preceding the crisis has affected the ability to manage rationally the basic needs of people, along with losing this knowledge that had been handed down for generations. In fact, the historical past economic contingencies, the crisis of 1929, the two world wars had forced citizens to reduce waste and reuse the raw materials available for their daily needs. The development of the postwar period, the connected prosperity and mass consumption have completely removed the competence and awareness about the limits of natural resources.
Nowadays, we are in a situation very similar to these postwar years, however, with some differences due to the fact that rural development is limited, most of the inhabitants live in urban structures and that the system of basic services distributed by states or private companies (water, electricity, gas, etc..) does not allow autonomy and limits the self-sufficiency.
The specific objective of the project Happy Home Wallet is to activate a partnership dedicated to the promotion of the "zero waste" strategy by acquiring competences in economics, environmental sustainability, energy saving and thus proper management of economic family resources. To balance the family budget it's necessary to re-think our consumerism, limit waste and reorganize resources, in a way that combines micro and macro economic aspects with environmental sustainability. The approach is therefore to look back to rediscover the value of knowledge of creative reusing materials and reducing waste as that was, not long time ago, the basis of the local economy.
This project offers the possibility to get to know (new) ideas, to change our behaviour and to be able to act. In the two years project, partners from 9 European countries, invite local participants, associations, municipalities and educational institutions to discuss, share and learn from each other, performing workshops and get to know the culture of these countries.