Garden Future

da Settembre 2012 a Luglio 2014

The world wide search for alternatives for sustainable living in urban and rural areas includes finding alternatives for self-provisioning by growing food and respecting the environment to ensure a healthy life.
In marginalized rural areas, the economical situation has been always tightly connected to the environmental conditions that influence the social and economic life of the people living there.
Historically the majority of income was based on agriculture, on the cultivation of small pieces of land or gardens with growing vegetables and fruits. This very often supplied a whole family and was also a source of income or bargaining. The knowledge of cultivation and the traditional techniques to exploit the grounds in the place of living was passed from generation to generation through empirical observation and manual practice – experiential learning. Increasing urbanization and industrialization moved people away from the care of their own sustenance and promoted a society focused on consumerism with an attendant alienation from nature.

The massive loss of working opportunities is forcing people to look back and to rediscover the value of knowledge that was, not long time ago, the basis of their local economy. It is important for rural areas to develop alternative scenarios for a sustainable living which complements the needs for a healthy and environmentally respectful life.

Our overall aim is it to change our view on gardening and raise awareness for our responsibility to live a sustainable life beyond consumerism.

We will

  • Learn how to use available spaces and turn them into a regular source of food
  • Find trends and tendencies about gardening in the world
  • Learn about safe products for people & the environment
  • Share the harvest with our neighbours & thus develop a local market for local producers to share local products
  • Write about all this at website archived


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