da Agosto 2009 a Luglio 2011

The main aim of our project is to analyse and assess e-learning materials on H&S for potential migrant workers from different countries. It is going to be done by identifying and evaluating e-learning tools available in each of the partner countries. The expected result of the project is a thorough comparison and assessment of e-learning content, analysis of differences between partner countries.

Each partner will share their experience connected with H&S topic and cultural and language diversity will give wider perspective to the research. Partners will create common criteria of assessing quality, availability, usefulness of e-learning tools and select a set of them from each country to be tested by target groups (potential migrant workers, employers, trainers). Their views, opinions and evaluation will enable partner groups to draw final conclusions and answer project questions:

  • if it is easy to find reliable materials
  • if the available tools are good enough to help potential migrants to feel comfortable in a country they go to
  • if the methods used by trainers are effective
  • what can be done to improve the approach and the e-learning tools.

Our idea is that the project should encourage migrants and employers to use e-learning tools in the process of H&S training. Institutions preparing learning tools, thanks to our conclusions, should be able to improve their approach and materials they offer. All target groups should benefit from it.

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