décembre 2007 - novembre 2009

The project idea comes out from a previous transnational exchange during the development of a G2 project in which partners have realized that they have similar needs respect the maintenance of adult people on training courses although final beneficiaries have different peculiarities connected to each partner context. The most important difficulty concerns the fact that every country uses some different teaching methodologies related to the national rules. The proposal is therefore that to be able to homologise such methodologies using a common one that would also allow the exchange of the teachers/trainers and of competences at a European level. For this reason the simplest solution, keeping in mind of the positive experience of the ECDL, it is to create a training/educational course that allow teachers and educator at a European level to use the same training methodology. Such methodology is concretized in the CPD course. To spread the development of such course and the results of the project the most practical tool was the creation of a transnational association. The advantages for the members can be multiple:

  • adopt a methodology of teaching recognized in different European countries
  • have the possibility to work in foreign countries and exchange competences at a European level.
  • know new and more active teaching methodologies (with the use of IT tools) to better maintain students at school is responsible for

  1. the development of the website using Drupal Content Manangement System (CMS) that allows an individual or a community of users to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website
  2. organize the management of the website, depending on the decisions taken during the meeting between partners, adding different tools for community development like Blogs, collaborative authoring environments, forums, peer-to-peer networking, newsletter system, podcasting, picture galleries, file uploads and downloads.
  3. depending on the use for the teaching bank and the association add an online form to be part of the association, open a space where to access only by personal password to download documents of the teaching bank and other contents
  4. develop of a sustainable teachers /tutors association platform