Discover places2b in Languedoc-Roussillon

In summer 2010 we started the European partnership project places2b which main goals were to bring together those people interested in opening communication channels with various stakeholders of their community, in a participatory process, to raise awareness for the local and regional values and to create a local tourist guide.

We selected places in the neighborhood of Fitou, a small winemaker village in the Languedoc-Roussillon region, which main income is created by tourism and agriculture.

It was the first ever that Fitounais came together in such a European project and it was, of course not free from problems. During the course of the project, we faced a lot of rejections from the official stakeholders and from the old-established circles. We had to explain why we think we should we collaborate with other European countries and participate as an individual in a non-profit making initiative that could improve the environment in which we are living.

However, a small but strong group of Fitounais stood together and created this local tourism guide.

We are proud to present our places to the world and we hope, you will enjoy it!