Creating content

There are many ways to create content.

Content types

There are different content-types available.


You can create pages. A page is usually created once, is accessible via a menu link, and in the future all you will have to do is change it as you go. It has a static character. For static pages, in contrast to dynamic pages, like articles, the creation date and author do not really matter. Static pages are usually accessible via a menu link whereas dynamic pages can be accessed through lists.


You can create articles which will appear on the frontpage. The content of an article can be nearly everything e.g. a press release or a blog entry and it has a dynamic character.


Everyone can create comments. If a guest comments on a post, he'll get the message

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

The administrator is noticed by email and has to approve the comment. See the text, the WordPress system will send below

A new comment on the post "This is my first post" is waiting for your approval

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This is a comment from a visitor

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Currently 1 comment is waiting for approval. Please visit the moderation panel:


You can create Links and show them in a widget. These links can be a blogroll or other useful combination of links


Create categories and tags to structure your content. WordPress pages and articles can be categorized. Generally spoken, categorization is the process of recognizing, differentiating and understanding something through abstraction. This may sound rather complicated but proves very useful when managing several articles. WordPress offers the possibility of creating as many categories as you wish. It is possible to build nested categories and an article can be related to one of these categories.


The WYSIWIG editor of WordPress is intuitive and more or less self explaning. Use the inbuild help (Figure 1).

The requested image size is not available for this photo on Flickr (uploaded when this size was not offered yet). Try another size or re-upload this photo on Flickr.

Figure 1: Editor Help


Integrate a poll. is connected to the PollDaddy

Images/Slideshow allows to upload images and insert them as a single image or as a slideshow

Embedded Videos

You can embed Videos from YouTube, Google, DailyMotion and Vimeo