2010-01 Grundtvig Conference Brussels

2010 is the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion in adult education. To start his year, the European Commission organised a conference in Brussels, Management Centre of Europe, over three days (26-28 January 2010).
It was the first time I attended a conference like this, and I wanted to take the opportunity to not only meet people and new potential partners, but also to promote eduate.eu. I was the first one to arrive at the Centre and, hence could see who was coming in, and who'd be my first target. :-)
Over the three days, I learned a lot about what those people would like to have and what they need. I questioned and listened to them in the plenary, in workshops and, of course, one on one.
I noticed what people want is a tool to disseminate their projects and outcomes, a tool to network and to see what others are up to, a tool that is simple and easy to use.

DrupalCamp, Copenhagen, Denmark

The venue is Rummet. It is an open office space, where you can rent a space for working. Morten gives an introduction and it seems that it will be a more or less theming heaven :-)
In the room are around 70-80 people. 15% of them are non danes, so they decided to speak english.

What I have seen?


magecamp London day 1

magecamp is an event around the ecommerce platform magento, organized by On Tap Creative. It is a part of Internet World 2009 and the first European english based magento camp!

Unfortunately, Internet World 2009 has no possibility to go online for free via WIFI :-) It's always the same. Why isn't it possible to provide a free or low cost wireless access at these kind of exhibitons? In the magecamp presentation room is enough space for around 60-80 people. The room is full and the listeners come from 16 different countries. Dan Garner, the founder of On Tap Creative gaves a first welcome. On Tap Creative decided to organize this magecamp after they have seen successful camps in USA, Germany and France.

State of Magento - Roy Rubin