Time to change something

We are permanently changing something, adapt ourselves to external and internal conditions but from time to time, changes are more visible to our audience. was started in February 2007 as the successor of a German consultancy, established in 1997. The main fields of our activities were quite the same, our project activities, cooperations and the geographical area changed with our relocation to France.
We continued with adult education projects on a European level, software trainings, management and organizational consulting, but I reduced very much my coaching activities. That was attributable to the distance to Germany, even though I tried some online coaching sessions, it's not the same. We increased our other activities and found ourselves very soon under the same time pressure as we have been in Germany. There was/is never enough time to realize all our ideas ;-)


Reflections on our website

I had a long break, while I was doing some other work, but I was also thinking about the restructuring/new-orientation of my work and

I went several times through the homepage (built with Drupal 6), followed all links and got lost some times. When that happened to me, it might happen also to our visitors. The site has been developed over the last three years and we added everything what seems to be valuable and interesting, and tried to keep the red thread.

The name cocoate is a composition of consulting, coaching and teaching. We structured our homepage according to these three areas, in three languages because our clients are from different countries.


What drives me?

How do I get into the situation, to not have time?

It happens as follows:

  • Scenario 1:
    I meet (one or more) people, that I find interesting, with whom I'm on the same wavelength, together we are thinking and discussing a bit about different topics, and before I know it, a new idea is born, which we want to realize together.
    This is fun, inspiring and I also earn money with it.
  • Scenario 2:
    Something annoys or inspires me, I develop an idea to change that or to create something new. I am looking for like-minded people, create a project, look for funding and realize the idea.
    This is fun, inspiring and I also earn money with it.
  • Scenario 3:
    I am so curious, the world is so big and colourful and I have always wanted to do this and that ......
    Then there is Scenario 1 or 2.
    This is fun, inspiring and I also earn money with it.

Suddenly, I have so much to do, and I do not have time for other things or time to rest.
The three scenarios are a very good explanation, but what drives me to this restlessness?
I'll have a closer look using the models of the transactional analysis (TA).


What do I really want?

I was on travel for few days and all the time I was incidently thinking on my change process.
The "magic" three words which occurs in all three languages are time, process, result.

So, what do I really want?

I will have time.
Hmm, I have time. To get more time is not really possible, there is a natural limit, or ;-)?
I do need to be more precise: I want to spend my time differently.
In order to do WHAT?


Still at the first step

The comments on my first German changelog entry signalize understanding and agreement, perhaps the authors are/were in a similar situation. For Thomas sounds, what I have written even after burn-out, but that word do not fit to my situation.

There is a cool tool for the generation of tag clouds, wordle, and I have my text thrown into that generator to see, what is the strongest words are:



It is time again for a big change.
Well, I actually change myself and what I do constantly. But this time it's different. I want to do a deeper change in my life, I want to live differently.
My work takes a very big place in my life, I can't really distinguish between work and leisure time, somehow both parts overlaps always. This is ok for me, but I want to tidy up, because I am permanently busy and have only little time for recreation and that is not good for me.