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How to collect, structure and publish data?

abouthouses.euThis workshop provides an outline about the collection, structure and publishing of data.
You will learn about different types of data, data models and publishing methods.
The workshop is for everyone who collects data, needs to structure and share them.

Data, Information and Knowledge

Data is the lowest level of abstraction, information is the next level, and finally, knowledge is the highest level among all three.
Data on its own carries no meaning. For data to become information, it must be interpreted and take on a meaning. For example, the height of Mt. Everest is generally considered as "data", a book on Mt. Everest geological characteristics may be considered as "information", and a report containing practical information on the best way to reach Mt. Everest's peak may be considered as "knowledge".
To create information and knowledge based on data it’s necessary to know


First JoomlaDay in Shanghai, China

Audience jd12cnJune 2, 2012 the first JoomlaDay in China was held in Shanghai. It was organized by Berry Yang and her Team. Berry is a team leader at Ebay. Her team works on the Datahub project which is an application based on the Joomla platform.

Joomla in China has a long tradition. Derek Joe is the head of the Chinese Translation team since Mambo days and runs joomla.cn. The Chinese Joomla forum attracts 12,000 members. Most of them are spread all over the country. As you know, China is a quite big country and many Joomla users cannot afford to spend a few days for traveling to and attending a JoomlaDay. At this first event 110 delegates registered and 80+ attended.

The event was held in the German Centre. A kind of conference and office space where Ebay has its offices too.

There was one track and in total 5 presentations.


My JandBeyond 2012

Audience JOscarsOnce a year JandBeyond, the international Joomla conference is held in Europe. This time, the venue was, again, the Dolce Hotel in Bad Nauheim, Germany. Elvis Presley lived in Bad Nauheim during his time with the United States Army in Friedberg. 

My initial plan was to meet with Christine (my beloved wife :) ) at JandBeyond, attend the event and drive home together with her. The days before she was in Germany and I was in Switzerland. She prepared the session "Peace, Love and Leadership" and worked the weeks before the event together with the responsible working group on a Proposal for a new Joomla project structure (Discuss the proposal here). She was asked to attend the leadership meeting after the event. Unfortunately it was not possible for her to attend because of some trouble making a decision on behalf of the leadership team so she finally quit her participation.

If you attended jab12 too, please be so kind and add your preferred social media accounts in this Google doc and please post your links to photos in this Google doc.

And now - my story :)

I arrived Friday morning and as part of the video team I had to record sessions.


The first Joomla!Day in Iran

366/100April 12th Christine and me attended the first Joomla!Day in Mashhad, Iran.

The JoomlaDay team around Saeed worked one year to make this event possible. Due to ongoing sanctions against Iran it was not possible for Open Source Matters to support the event with 500 US$ as they usually do for an official Joomla!Day. I announced the event personally in several chats, meetings and JoomlaDays (last time in New England) but people had concerns about the political situation and often fear to get involved in that. For our company cocoate which is based in France exists regulations too that make it impossible to support the event financially. At the end of the day we decided to have a look by ourselves, fly to Iran and attend the event.

First problem was to figure out how to get a visa. For getting a visa you need a confirmation of a hotel reservation with a price in. Especially in Mashhad the hotel staff speak Farsi and Arabic but very little English. Confirming a price longer than a few weeks/days is hard for them because of a rising inflation in the last months. At least we found the Bahram Hotel which is located near Iman Reza shrine and near the house where Ali Khamenei سید علی حسینی خامنهای  was born.

We had to add our names to a list of the German "Auswärtiges Amt" and they told us to be very careful, don't take personal computers, cameras and other equipment with us and several more security advices. It is not possible to use our credit cards in Iran so we had to bring in cash for the hotel and our expenses. The money has to be changed somewhere (be careful when carrying high amounts of cash in your pocket ...).

We got more and more unsure whether it was a good idea to go to Iran but the curiosity and the hope that people are nearly the same in the whole world was still bigger.


Lost in Translation :)

The frontpage of cocoate was in the past a mixture of different languages.

Today I separated the content of the frontpage depending of the language you have configured with the language switcher.

The default language of cocoate is English. If your browser is tied to a special language these language should appear as default for you. E.g. if your default browser language setting is French, the French cocoate frontpage should appear.


megaupload, Kim Schmitz, Apple and SOPA

IMG_0064Ok, to understand my thoughts you have to spend a bit time, follow the links and watch the videos and sources I linked to (or may be not, if you know them all).
I know it's complicate and it takes time, but the world isn't that easy :)

Step by step