CPH 2010 - Christianshavn

We are specialised in the development of strategies for the use of Content Management Systems, in particular in the Open Source systems Drupal and Joomla! and we consult about the integration of these systems in your existing software architecture as to avoid redundancies and to improve the individual components of the system.
We provide a range of trainings and workshops, online, at our place, at your place.

If your particular topic isn’t addressed here, we can also develop a customized training to meet your needs. Please contact us for further information.

Drupal for beginners

You will get a solid basic understanding of Drupal 7. This will allow you to create basic Drupal sites, understand and use complex Drupal sites.
The course also provides a good foundation for further developing Drupal skills – be it coding, project management, advanced configuration or theming.
You will be familiarized with:

  • The idea of Drupal
  • Installation
  • A website out of the box
  • User administration
  • Content management
  • Structure of the website
  • Menu configuration
  • Editoren, Polls, Forums
  • Useful tools

Joomla for beginners

You get introduced to Joomla! and concepts behind that content management system, take a tour of Joomla! as it appears out of the box, to familiarize ourselves with how it works and what is what. 

We then build a website based on a 'naked' Joomla! using only the core features.
You will familiarized with:

  • Terms and Concepts of Joomla
  • Installation
  • Structure of the CMS:core content of the basic system
  • Menu system
  • Content management
  • User permissions
  • Changing Template and Languages
  • Configuration of components
  • Extensions and Plugins
  • Useful tools

A comparison of the CMS Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress

You learn about the structures, possibilities and limits of these CMS and will be able to decide which of these systems is the right one for your purposes.

Drupal advanced configuration with Views, Page manager, Flag and Rules

This course will take you from an intermediate Drupal site builder to a rock solid configurator. During the day we will work with practical examples and exercises to see how you can use some of Drupal’s most important modules to achieve complex functionality based on actual sites. You will not only learn how to use these modules one by one, but also how to combine them in order to manifold their use cases.

Turn e-commerce into social commerce

This workshop introduce you to the structure, administration and customisation of e-commerce solutions for Drupal and Joomla!
You will learn about the configuration of products and product categories, tax and shipping conditions and how to import and export data from/to your ERP system.
Next to that, you will get inspiration of why and how you can turn your e-business into social business.

Online Community Building

We have developed online community scenarios for different target groups. These scenarios consist of technical aspects as well as certain general organisational conditions, that are necessary in order to get a community started.
You will get an introduction into the main principles for developing online communities. We advice with respect to the choice of software, the reasonable combination of social applications and organisational workflows.

Individual Coaching

If changes are about to initiate in your private and/or in your professional life, if you find yourself before important decisions or if you would like to change the direction of your life, it could help to look on your life from the “outside”.
We'll assist you to discover your own behaviour and thought patterns, to reflect on these and to develop action alternatives, which lead to a change in your personal and everyday working life.

All is linked together: how to communicate, manage and learn

This course is made for project managers and educational staff in charge of managing educational projects.
The interactive workshop gives the big picture and an understanding of links, relationships and backgrounds of the Internet, web-based applications and their implementation.
We clarify basic vocabulary used in relation to the World Wide Web and not necessarily focus on specific software or web applications, as not to train participant in the use of specific ones, rather to open their minds by offering alternatives for different working situations in project management and teaching routines.