JoomPlace was founded in 2005 on the very Joomla! outset as a Joomla! department of Belitsoft company - outsourcing software development company. Now Belitsoft is a cohesive team of 100+ employees!

Contribution to Joomla! Community

JoomPlace point of being a member of Joomla! Community is to do something remarkably useful for Joomla CMS development and Joomla Community establishing and growing.

The team helps to improve the Joomla! CMS core functionality by fixing bugs and suggesting new features adding or current functional improvement ideas. JoomPlace develops out-of-the-box extensions and provides high quality support service. JoomPlace developers have a vast experience in Joomla! custom development and enjoy maintaining a number of outstanding projects they have implemented in different areas (Business management, health, production, e-Learning, e-Commerce, etc.).

JoomPlace Products

JoomPlace have developed and supports 31 e-Learning and general use Joomla! components and modules.

The team is focused on making products as flexible as possible adding new options to every new version release and integrating them with the top Joomla components (JomSocial, VirtueMart, …) JoomPlace is proud to provide a holistic set of Joomla! development and support services, as well as to offer a collection of components and modules that can be embedded and used in different web environments.

Currently JoomPlace products are used by uncountable number of sites in more than 50 countries throughout the world.