Joomlapolis is the home of the Community Builder (CB), the most popular extension for Joomla. CB is a social networking framework for Joomla. The latest version 1.7.1 CB package which works on all Joomla versions (1.0, 1.5 and 1.6/1.7) and can be downloaded free of charge from Joomlapolis, addresses many key social networking features including registration and approval workflows, membership data gathering, profiles (organized with ‘tabs’ and ‘fields’), member interactions (called ‘connections’) and community moderation tools (‘reporting’, ‘banning’, ‘blocking’). Additional CB core functions integrate with the underlying CMS and key extensions to integrate content articles and forum threads in author profiles and to provide integrated private messaging functions for CB membership inter-communication.

Additional functionality can be added using the CB Application Programming Interface (API) by installing CB Plugins. Hundreds of CB Plugins are available by the CB Team and third party developers.

Joomlapolis also offers additional Advanced, Professional and Developer membership levels on a yearly basis that provide many extra Community Builder add-ons and privileges including priority and same/next business day forum support.

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Advanced Membership badgeAdvanced members can download 15+ CB Team released Add-ons, the GroupJive add-ons, the 180+ detailed CB documentation and are authorized to supress frontend copyright notices from CB. All Advanced downloaded add-ons can be used on all member websites forever! Advanced members also get maintenance releases for all extra add-ons and can post on the priority support forums questions and issues regarding any of their CB related websites.

Professional Membership BadgeProfessional members (also a 12 montn subscription) have all Advanced member privileges plus access to the 16+ Incubator add-ons and have access to the same/next business day support forum area where they can post questions and issues regarding all their websites.  

Developer BadgeDeveloper members receive all Professional member privileges plus access to beta releases and are also given a special CBSubs developers license that they can use in customer RFP presentations and proposals. See all extra privileges and membership comparison.

CBSubs BadgeCBSubs™, released in the April 2009 after 3 years of development, is the leading business-class membership extension for Community Builder. It has very extended and flexible features, managing timed memberships, donations and even products sales. Latest version available is 1.2.2 which has proven to be the best Paid Subscription Membership Management solution for Joomla.

The GroupJive project is supported by the CB Team since May 2009. This open-source GPL project provides user-driven group management system for Joomla websites. The CB Team has already released version 2.4 of GroupJive as a set of CB 1.7.1 plugins and is also compatible with all versions of Joomla. The latest stable GroupJive release is available for all Advanced, Professional and Developer members

The Joomlapolis templates effort started in 2009 in order to produce clean, fast and optimized themes for Joomla and CB. We offer the fastest templates around by far, with very optimized number and size of http requests to the bare minimum. Also usability and SEO are key factors during development.

Joomlapolis hosting, debuted in 2008, is a professionally built hosting environment. It is located in 4 tier-1 fully-redundant datacenters on 2 continents, with an automated 24/7 network management, and is comprised of fully redundant high-availability clusters, meaning any server or networking hardware fault will not result in a site downtime. Additional highest levels of security with networking and web-applications-level firewalls protect the website from most hacker attempts reaching the scripts. Entire environment is optimized for Joomla, CB and CBSubs™ websites.