Mobile Content Editing

If you and your users want to create and edit content on your mobile website, there are in general two possibilities.

  • using the mobile web browser
  • using a native app

As long as we only talk about adding and editing text, everything is possible. But it can be a problem to use a WYSIWYG editor because they are often simply don't work on a mobile device. If you want to upload an image from your mobile device it can be a challenge.

In this chapter I want to have a look at two apps that offer content editing for your Joomla website. Joooid is available for Android, JomMobile for Android and iOS.
Both apps consist of two parts: the app, which is downloadable from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and a Joomla extension which is downloadable from the projects website. In the Joomla extension is a plugin that provides an API for accessing Joomla from the app. Both projects offer possibilities to use their API for own projects and Joooid even offers the Android Library to make the development easier.


Joooid (with three "o") is a free app/extension for Android devices (Figure 1). It consists of an app and a Joomla extension. The developer is Stefano Norcia.

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Figure 1: Joooid

Joooid allows you to

  • create or edit articles, change title, alias, category, status, access level, frontpage and scheduled publishing.
  • create content with the WYSIWYG with html markup and links, in full screen! 
  • add images and galleries using pictures from your device.
  • add youtube videos or share images and videos with Joooid directly from Image Gallery or Youtube App. 
  • geotag articles, embed maps with your current position using GPS/Network or set the map coordinates with the handy map picker. You can also share a location to Joooid directly from the Google Maps application.  

When I first read the list of features, I thought: "wow"

You have to install the app on your Android device and the extension in your Joomla! website. There are versions for Joomla 1.5 and for Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5. 

After installing the Joomla extension, you need to activate the two joooid plugins. Then it's possible to connect the app with the website by adding the URL, your username and your password. Afterwards, you will see an impressing user interface. I managed to add an article with a photo, an image gallery and a Google map from my old HTC wildfire. The biggest problem for me was typing the text :).

There are several configuration panels (e.g. image resizing) and it's of course necessary to enable the location detection on your phone to use the Google maps feature.  (Figure 2, Figure 3, Figure 4).

30. Julio 2012 - 13:06 - - Article Editor - Text

Figure 2: Joooid - Article Editor - Text

30. Julio 2012 - 13:06 - - Content Elements

Figure 3: Joooid - Content Elements

30. Julio 2012 - 13:05 - - Article Editor

Figure 4: Joooid - Article Editor

At the Joooid website you find a detailed tutorial about all the features (


The native iOS and Android app jomMobile offers a way to manage articles, categories, menus and users on several Joomla sites.

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Figure 5: JomMobile

You have to install the app and a Joomla component (Figure 6).

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Figure 6: Install Message

JomMobile has a clear business model. The free app shows advertisements and it's not possible to use additonal plugins, e.g. the k2 support. It's also not possible to edit user accounts.

Via in-App purchase, you can buy the plugin feature, removal of advertisements and the permission to edit user accounts. I tried the app on an iPad and it worked well for adding and editing articles, categories and menu entries. Text appear with HTML tags, because It uses no WYSIWYG editor (Figure 7).

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Figure 7: Article edit form