Conclusion and Comments

This book was written between May and July 2012 and compared to other CMS, I was surprised what's already possible in Joomla.

More and more people will use mobile devices, the speed of internet connections will increase, the prices will decrease. Today, the Joomla 2.5 core package is not well equipped for the mobile world, but the world wide community offers interesting solutions and ideas.
From my point of view it's very necessary to implement as soon as possible into Joomla! core:

  • Mobile and responsive default templates with lots of configuration parameters
  • A well defined API so that there is a common base for third party developers. At the moment everyone is inventing the wheel on it's own again and again.

Not that important at the moment, but very nice to have would be an app like joooid, that is officially distributed by the Joomla project and available for various platforms.

A chapter of this book has been published in the August Issue of the Joomla magazine and I got a few comments with some hints and information how others provide mobile solutions.

I would be very happy to receive more comments to this book with your experiences, tricks and ideas to make it easy to mobilize Joomla.