Publish your Extension to the Joomla! Extension Directory

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Joomla! Extension DirectoryTo offer your extension to millions of Joomla! users you can use the Joomla! extension directory (JED). The JED is the place where you find more than 8,000 extensions to enhance the possibilities of Joomla! core. After registering on the JED website, every user is allowed to submit an extension.

The directory is maintained by a team of volunteers. The JED has its own area in the Joomla! forums called - Feedback/Information.
The team provides also a ticket-based support for community members with listings in the JED. They are using a Joomla! help desk component to manage the support tickets.

The directory itself is built using the Joomla! extension Mosets Tree. It is structured by categories in three levels. The whole category tree is used as a menu on the site.

You can search the directory using the easy "one field search" or you can use the advanced search with the possibility to filter by various parameters (Figure 1).

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Figure 1: Advanced Search in the JED

Besides the search, you have a few charts and lists like

  • New Extensions
  • Recently Updated Extensions
  • Most Favoured Extensions
  • Editors' Picks
  • Popular Extensions
  • Most Rated Extensions
  • Top Rated Extensions
  • Most Reviewed
  • Hot Extensions: An Extension will be shown as ‘Hot’ when it has an average of 150 views or more per day.

Publish your Extension

To have an authentic chapter about the publishing experience, I did it by myself and tried to publish a module.

To publish your extension on the JED, you have to register on the site via the Joomla! way of registration or via Facebook login.

If you want to know all the details about the publishing process, it is probably the best to have a tea or a coffee and read this document: Publishing to JED.

Where is the Submit button?

You will not find a submit button or link on the frontpage. It is necessary to navigate to the appropriate category for your extension. In the category page you'll find the submit button.

The Submit Form

In the submit form you will be asked for:

  • A description
  • Links to your project homepage, the download URL, the demo URL, the documentation URL, a license page on your site, if you are submitting a commercial extension and a support forum URL
  • The version, the license, the type of the extension
  • The developers name and email address

You have to add the zipped file of the extension and an image for the listing.

Hurry up with filling the form fields otherwise you get a message like this after submission

Your session has expired. Please log in again.

If everything went well, you see your freshly submitted extension in a pending state (Figure 2)

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Figure 2: My extension in pending state

The Email Confirmation

After submitting you'll receive a nicely styled email with a lot of information. The most useful information for me was

What are some common errors that many developers miss and publishing is prevented?

The most common errors are:

  • Download Link Does Not Point to Download/Product Page
  • Domain or images use the Joomla Trademark and is not registered/approved
  • Extension Is commercial but has not included a link to the Terms or Conditions
  • Developer attempts to restrict the usage of the extension in some way
  • Security standards are not followed (index.html in all folders, usage of JEXEC commands)
  • GPL Notices are missing in PHP/XML

And as it is written here I forgot the index.html in one folder :)

Edit your Submission

After fixing my zip file with the additional index.html I was looking whether it is possible to edit my submission and it is!

Behind the link My Page in the JED you find your submitted extension. If you click on the Pending approval link the submission form opens again and you can edit all the fields.

How long do I have to wait now?

Well that is hard. In my case there was the following notice

Your extension is currently in queue awaiting review and approval by JED editors.

There are a total of 197 extensions to go through before we review your extension for approval.

Your listing was submitted on 22 November 2011. Listing approval time may be up to 21 days. You may not contact the JED Team inquiring about your approval as all listings will show error codes when reviewed and not approved. If you have questions concerning error codes you receive, please enter a support ticket.




One month later


12/26/2011 6:51 pm I received an email from

Your new Listing named "Cocoate Book Feed" has been approved!


Download and install it immediately :)