Link list With the web links component, you can create a link list or a download section that you can integrate into your website. To do so, Joomla! provides the nested categories system and counts the individual hits on the links. This component is useful for link catalogs. Add as many web link categories as you need, create as many web links as you have, then connect both by assigning categories. Add a menu link, choose a layout and configure the options.

The web links component provides three menu item type layouts: List All Web Link Categories, List Web Links in a Category and Submit a Web Link. We have already seen the first two layouts in articles and categories. By using the third one, you can involve your users in the creation of a joint catalog. Create a menu item 'Submit a Web Link' in the user menu and set the permissions in Components Web Links Options to allow registered users to create links. The Options area provides six tabs full of configurable details.

The example data includes a link catalog (Figure 1).

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Figure 1: Link catalog

In the module manager, you'll find a web links module, which shows links from a category on your website.