Mass Mail Users

Clark University Letter Sometimes you want to send a message via email to all of your users. Sometimes you want to send that message only to a group of users or only to those having access to the backend. Sending emails is always a bit delicate. Nobody wants to be a SPAMMER and nobody wants to receive SPAM, so be careful!

In order to use the mass mail user component, you have to configure Joomla! for sending emails in Global Configuration Server Mail settings. You may then configure the Subject Prefix and the Mailbody Suffix in Users Mass Mail Users: Options - Mass Mail.

The user interface of the Mass Mail Users component is easy to understand. You can choose the user group of those users who should receive the email. Since Joomla! 1.7 it is possible to decide whether disabled (blocked) users should receive the mail or not.

You can determine whether the sub user groups should also receive emails, whether the email is in html format or plain text, and whether all recipients are listed in the email or marked as BCC (Blind Carbon Copy). The message has a subject line and a mail body. You can use html but no wysiwyg editor is provided (Figure 1).

22. June 2011 - 10:10 - Mail

Figure 1: Mass mail form

Storing mass mails in Joomla! is not possible. After filling in the form, click the send email icon. Now the emails are being sent.