Joomla! 1.7 - Beginner's Guide


for free? will the book be released for free? thanks.

The plan so far is:

  • PDF Download - FREE
  • HTML Version on - FREE
  • Printed book - 15 Euro
  • iBookstore - not free
  • EPUB - not free
  • Kindle Amazon - not free

What the Hell is this? Were is the PDF

You can download it directly: (65264)
or go to the book info page (We changed the cocoate site in the last 2 years a little bit :) )
All available book you can find here
The download figures here
... and please ... if you ask for something that is available for free ... be a bit more friendly

Hi, First I need to thanks all team who did this book. I'm here to offer my time to translate this book to portuguese.

I would like to participate with the next Book to the Joomla 1.8. How can I help with this?

Best Regards,

Ricardo Dias

Hi Ricardo,
thanks a lot, I appreciate that you want to create a Portuguese version of the Joomla! book. Please give me few days to prepare the online structure for this translation. I will contact you asap.

So where the fuck is the free downloadable pdf? I'm angry because you advertise something and it is not there. If it exists, where the hell is it. Thanks for the great job :)

Calm down, dude :).

It's free, so please take a few minutes to finalize the whole flow of getting the book from registration to download process.


Why be angry? We all make mistakes. If you had asked where to download the pdf from and got no response then you would have a reason to be annoyed but even then you should soon realise no-one who put up this information for free has any obligation to invest any more of their time for free, even to fix a simple mistake.
Even if, because of a mistake, all you are left with is the web-based version, you have no right to be anything other than grateful for what has been provided
For crying out loud, just grow up child!

THank you very much, you are so nice!!

habe ein wenig in der online Version gestöbert und mir soeben das PDF geladen.
Vielen Dank!
Wann wird das PDF auf deutsch herunterzuladen sein?

@Yves In Deutschland erscheint es als "Joomla! 1.7 Das Einsteigerbuch" als Buch und eBook bei Addison Wesley. Die HTML Version ist frei lesbar

Thanks! I wanted to say the check-out process was confusing. I was able to get through it and donate a small amount so that was fine but you really should review the process.
1. it wasnt clear where to put the amount willing to pay
2. during the check out there was a "review order' Screen where the button was in a foreign language. which was odd.

Thanks though for the effort! I look forward to reading it.

Thanks for feedback and donation :)
We are working on an easier checkout process without address fields.
I'll try to figure out the 'review order language bug' asap!

Thank you very much for the book.


thanks for this book...its nice

Entered all required fields - registered - still can't find where to download, btw I'm doing it on iPhone not sure if it makes any difference. Thanks

You'll receive the link via email and there is a tab in your user account.

It is great to know. but may you provide any source so i can get the one copy. thanks for the suggestion .

hi there. cool. can i have a copy of joomla! 1.7?

hey cool stuff fir a noob like me!

Thanks for your book. very excellent.
I pleasure and want to translate the book to persian (Iran) .
How can you help me?
best regards

Hamed Esfandi

Hello Hagen, I'm an italian Graphic and Web Designer, I liked your guide for beginners, I am a beginners me too, I have recently approached to Joomla and your guide is more clearly and understandable.
I wanted to tell you that I have translated in Italian your guide; I have omitted only the chapter 24, because it is understandable for me, maybe you could help me to understand it. So I would to send you the PDF file, how can I do it? Thanks.

P.S.: I hope you understand my english.

Hi Italian Graphic and Web Designer :)
Wow - you can contact me and send the pdf to

I've just sent, sorry I forgot to tell you my name, my name is Cinzia. My mail will arrive as cinziadesign
I started to translate it for me and then I thought it would be useful to others.

Hi Cinzia, I received it ... will contact you via email

Ok, bye.

I am very happy for the e-book. it has helped me so much.

Thank you for the free pdf download ...I purchased the book for my iphone but found i needed a version I could print as reference as I am teaching a high school class how to use Joomla! We have zero for budget so anything purchased is out of my own pocket ... I am thankful I did not have to buy a hard copy of the book for this reason.

Thank you so much for the advice above. I am new to Joomla! and very grateful for any help. I am planning on setting up a site using the Beez Fruitshop template. Can anyone explain to me how to change the main image?

Thank you for your book. My clients absolutely love it. thanks you many times over.

Hello there,
Thanks a lot for this book and i would love to help you translate it into Arabic as Joomla is attracting a lot of attention here but there aren't many good books in Arabic.


Thanks Hagen, for a great book on Joomla 1.7 for beginners.


how to create jquery gallery in html

Thank you for this. Do you have a place for donations?

sure :)

Beste mevrouw,

Ik kan hem helaas niet downloaden,
Zou u hem naar mij kunnen sturen?

Hartelijk dank alvast!



I want to read EPUB version on Galaxy Tablet.
Where shop do I buy it?

shige from Japan.

Hi Shige,
I just created an EPUB for the Joomla 2.5 - Beginner's Guide (The sucessor of 1.7)
You can buy the download in our shop
best regards

Hi, Hagen.

I am glad to see your site.
My site is still old, so I need 1.7.
You creat only 2.5?

best regards

The support for 1.7 will end soon (this month). From 1.7 to 2.5 is a one click update. 2.5 ist THE actual release and good for nearly the next two years ... so choose 2.5 - there is even an EPUB available! :)
best regards

Thanks your advice.
I consider updates to 2.5.

best regards

Its really awesome
thanks for making it free.
But PDF link is hidden so for a normal visitor it is impossible to download without reading comments.
Download link for PDF (65264)

I will request people to donate for this amazing effect

it's nice.

Thank you for the free pdf download ...I purchased the book for my iphone but found i needed a version I could print as reference as I am teaching a high school class how to use Joomla! We have zero for budget so anything purchased is out of my own pocket ... I am thankful I did not have to buy a hard copy of the book for this reason.


i will love to learn more about joomla