Display cocoate book chapters in your Joomla! website

embedded mechanicThe download figures of our free PDF's are rising and rising and often I see the HTML content of the book chapters just copied and pasted in various websites surrounded by Google ads. Many webmasters are using the content for Joomla! trainings classes or just to tell their clients about Joomla! A few weeks ago, we decided to use the Creative Commons license for our books and it is possible to embed the content in your Joomla! website.

Joomla! Plugin Content Cocoate

While creating the Chinese version of Joomla! 2.5 - Beginner's Guide, Yooyooh (the translator) asked me, whether it is possible to put the HTML of the chapter on a Chinese website. The same question I heard from Alexey from Russia.

While talking with Daniel Dimitrov (compojoom), he offered me to write a Joomla! Plugin for that.

The result is a small Joomla! content plugin that will allow you to include any chapter from cocoate.com. It is available in several languages and will be translated by the OpenTranslator project - join them!

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The usage of the plugin is very simple


Of course you have to download the plugin :)


Install the plugin in the Joomla! administration area via Extensions -> Extensions Manager -> Install

Activate Plugin

Activate the Plugin in Extensions -> Plugin Manager (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Activated Plugin

Where can I find the chapter number?

Have a look at the desired chapter on the http://cocoate.com website. This is a typical chapter: Banners. At the bottom of each chapter you find a link called "Permalink". When you hover with your mouse you'll find the number in the status line of your browser (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Finding the chapter number

How can I embed the chapter in my Joomla website?

You can embed the content of the chapter everywhere in Joomla e.g. in an article. Therefore you have to create a new article (and a menu link). In the text area field you have to write

{cocoate 10315} where 10315 is the chapter number. It's that easy :) (Figure 3)

Figure 3: Insert the Macro

How does it look like?

On top of the chapter content, the name of the book and the chapter title is displayed, then the content follows and below, there is the name of the author and translator, a table containing the sponsor logos (book your ad here), the licence and the original link of the book chapter (Figure 4).

Figure 4: Embedded chapter in your website

This is the live Joomla! website containing the chapter.

Are you crazy giving your content away for free?

Not sure :) It's good for the open source projects, the sponsors, the readers and for your website too. I'm not sure how Google reacts to this but we'll see.

Read this blogpost and help me to find a better business model and don't forget to attend Daniel's master class (Joomla!® Extension Development Masterclass 19. July 2012 and 20. July 2012) :)