The JoomlaShine Team

JoomlaShine is a team of full – time professionals including passionate web developers, talented designers, and active supporters, and we chose the quality of products, which can be clearly seen in their design, functionality and usability, the first priority. To achieve this goal, we strongly promote continuous learning and training. Each member of our team solely focuses in tasks related to his area of responsibility, which makes him be like “rock star” in the team with a solid knowledge base.

Our solutions are designed primarily for Joomla Content Management System. We have been involved in the development of free and commercial Joomla! templates and Joomla! extensions since its birth in 2005. Actively participating in Joomla forums, our staff is making a positive contribution to the community. Additionally, we share our knowledge and skills through various Joomla tutorials that are written in English with full and detailed explanations by text and images. In fact, many of our users found JoomlaShine tutorials a good point to start learning about Joomla.

How do we work

At JoomlaShine, we provide our staff with a friendly, supportive and inspiring work environment with excellent facilities like 22 inch LCD monitor and personal work table with convenient armchair, making it possible for us to generate great ideas. Understanding that the education is a continuous process with no limit, we have invested a huge amount of money in the office library, and training programs. Thus, our web developers are to keep updated with latest news and techniques.

The philosophy underlying our work is based on product’s quality and support. We design the product paying much attention to usability as we believe that it should be easy for customers to use products that do not require too many programming skills. As the result, the code should be clean and well commented, and each line of the code in our products matters. Before the product’s release, we make sure that the product functions properly on major web platforms. For tracking bugs, we use specialized applications designed for web developers.

We know how the support is important to you. The response, therefore, should be fast and helpful. “Solving problem by one email” is our routine task. We utilize ticket helpdesk system for providing professional support. During years in Joomla business, we have been keeping the promise of 12 hours guaranteed response to customers. Your satisfaction is our prime concern.

We believe

The quality at the first place

JoomlaShine products are carefully tested on major web platforms.

Continuously improved code

We don’t write the old code again and again. Instead, we are focusing on continuous learning and improvement.

Designed for users

We put the full control of product in one place. You don’t need to have special programmers’ skills to have our product working properly.

Customer Service matters

Whether you have general or technical questions, our support team is there for you. Just drop us a line.

The product should be affordable

You don’t have to spend thousands of bucks building professional website anymore. Our product is affordable with clear license policy. 

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