droopress #005 - Forget SCRUM

Yesterday I watched the movie Inception. The basic idea of the movie is sharing dream spaces. In a dream space you can do ten times more comparing to the real world because your thoughts are faster. In the movie they use the time to change the minds of the people.

Two days ago I saw amazon's announcement about Drupal 7 release parties. As far as I know, it is not possible to set an exact release date in a community driven open source project. But after watching Inception I assume I know how this is working. In the "reality" the release date for Drupal 7 is in four weeks. If this time is not enough, someone, maybe Acquia, creates a Drupal dream space, put a few developers in it and suddenly they have ten times more time (fourty weeks) to finish Drupal 7. If this time frame is not enough, it is possible to create a second level in that dream space, having again ten times more time (up to 400 weeks). This is probably enough to fix every problem.

The Automattic or Microsoft extractors could do their work in Drupal dream spaces too and when they all hear the kick soundtrack they will awake and Drupal 7 is ready.

Conclusion: forget Scrum, try inception!

What's up in droopress land (dream space level zero)

WordPress has released a security update (3.03) to fix problems in the remote publishing interface (XML-RPC area). Automattic introduced Toolbox:

a semantic, HTML5, canvas for CSS artists and an ultra-minimal set of super-clean templates for your own WordPress theme development.

Have a look at the demo site. In Paris, at the Le Web event, Matt Mullenweg said in an interview with Techcrunch: Our goal’s not to be acquired. If people say these kind of sentences, usually the offered price is too low or it is not the right company who wants to buy them.

Drupal, as mentioned before is dreaming (not in a bad sense :-) ) and all the fanboys (including me) are organizing party stuff for The Friday. Dries adopted the slogan of the "old" ubercart project and announced proudly One Drupal to rule them all. I think he is more or less right. I like especially this comment and Dries' answer (issue: Dries, it is not possible to link to a comment in your blog via a permalink). The ubercart project is the shopping solution for Drupal 6. For Drupal 7, I assume it will be the commerce project developed by Commerce Guys. They just got money by French Fund ISAI. Isai is the Japanese expression for something different or remarkable.
Greece is discovered by Acquia. Be careful concerning extractors ("inception language"). Greece is a Joomla! country and they have not that much money anymore.
A few weeks ago Dave Reid warned people about my droopress column and the issue is still active. Maybe inception can help me when I tag this issue of the droopress again with the "Drupal planet" :-).
After several semantic web sessions (thank you Lin) I have the impression that it is slowly getting real - Go Krimson!.
And good to hear, Drupal meets TYPO3 at the DUG Hamburg, Germany. Never heard of TYPO3? German agencies love it because of the steady income it generates, hope that they only share the good things :-).

Concerning the idea of inception I am sure, Joomla! is in dream space level 3 developing the 1.6 Version. As you surely have heard the extractor Molajo will enter the game too. The best words about Molajo I heard in the Joomstew podcast with Johann.
Lacking a strong company standing behind Joomla!, the association Open Source Matters becomes engaged more and more in financial things. It is possible to sponsor Joomla! and it is also possible to get funding for your Joomla! event.

If you are running a Joomla! event or if you want to plan one, please send an email to eventsteam@opensourcematters.org and we'll do our very best to help you out.

So send them E-mails and do Joomla! events!
I am watching the evolution of content construction kits in Joomla! and I saw that K2 has gotten more and more additional extensions compared to FLEXIcontent. Who will release the (so called in Drupal) "Views module" for Joomla!? 

International conferences in 2011:

  • In 83 days, March 7-10, DrupalCon Chicago is starting.
  • May 8-10 Joomla! and the knights of open source have their international conference in Kerkrade, Netherlands, J and beyond.
  • As far as I know, WordPress has no special "international" conference.

Rumour mill:

  • the Mambo eV Germany will announce the venue of the 2011 German Joomla! day very soon