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Ozio Gallery in Joomla


Often you need a photo gallery on your website and more and more, you need a photo gallery in an article.

Another important feature is to keep the upload and the resizing of the images as simple as possible!


Well, Alex Red had a good idea to combine Joomla with Google+.

  • In Google+ it's very easy to upload photo with any device.
  • In Joomla it's very easy to create a website

Ozio gallery uses adaptive technology and your pictures will be displayed in the correct size on each device

How do I create a gallery?

You have to

  1. install Ozio gallery
  2. create a menu item with the item type Ozio Gallery.
  3. insert the number of the Google+ user account that owns the album in the options. Ozio will look immediately for existing Google+ albums.
  4. configure the display options
  5. use the gallery with a menu link or insert it with a macro in an article

Display cocoate book chapters in your Joomla! website

embedded mechanicThe download figures of our free PDF's are rising and rising and often I see the HTML content of the book chapters just copied and pasted in various websites surrounded by Google ads. Many webmasters are using the content for Joomla! trainings classes or just to tell their clients about Joomla! A few weeks ago, we decided to use the Creative Commons license for our books and it is possible to embed the content in your Joomla! website.

Joomla! Plugin Content Cocoate

While creating the Chinese version of Joomla! 2.5 - Beginner's Guide, Yooyooh (the translator) asked me, whether it is possible to put the HTML of the chapter on a Chinese website. The same question I heard from Alexey from Russia.

While talking with Daniel Dimitrov (compojoom), he offered me to write a Joomla! Plugin for that.

The result is a small Joomla! content plugin that will allow you to include any chapter from cocoate.com. It is available in several languages and will be translated by the OpenTranslator project - join them!



Hagen GrafLast saturday I presented a "half" session at BuchCamp Frankfurt, May, 6th 2012 ( related blog entry German). BuchCamp was organized by a lobbying association of German publishers called Börsenverein.

As the event was announced as a barcamp and each participant can be a presenter too, I decided to offer a talk on my work as a "selfpublishing author" (and of course I had not prepared any slides). I presented the idea with the words:

I'll tell you about my work, you tell me about your work and then we have a look, what we can achieve together.

I shared a session slot with another participant at Sunday 10 Uhr (which was fine).


e-Commerce with Joomla!

The Merits Of E-CommerceTwo days ago Raouf Ibrahimi Nasab and Seyed Mohammad Safavi (students of information technology engineering), which I met at JDay Iran, asked me to do a 15 minutes video on e-commerce for their seminar at Islamic Azad University of Bushehr (http://www.iaubushehr.ac.ir/). Both are responsible for the seminar which is part of the scientific association of that university.

Well ... let's go :)

What is e-Commerce?

Before we talk about e-commerce let's have a look at the word commerce.


The first Joomla!Day in Iran

366/100April 12th Christine and me attended the first Joomla!Day in Mashhad, Iran.

The JoomlaDay team around Saeed worked one year to make this event possible. Due to ongoing sanctions against Iran it was not possible for Open Source Matters to support the event with 500 US$ as they usually do for an official Joomla!Day. I announced the event personally in several chats, meetings and JoomlaDays (last time in New England) but people had concerns about the political situation and often fear to get involved in that. For our company cocoate which is based in France exists regulations too that make it impossible to support the event financially. At the end of the day we decided to have a look by ourselves, fly to Iran and attend the event.

First problem was to figure out how to get a visa. For getting a visa you need a confirmation of a hotel reservation with a price in. Especially in Mashhad the hotel staff speak Farsi and Arabic but very little English. Confirming a price longer than a few weeks/days is hard for them because of a rising inflation in the last months. At least we found the Bahram Hotel which is located near Iman Reza shrine and near the house where Ali Khamenei سید علی حسینی خامنهای  was born.

We had to add our names to a list of the German "Auswärtiges Amt" and they told us to be very careful, don't take personal computers, cameras and other equipment with us and several more security advices. It is not possible to use our credit cards in Iran so we had to bring in cash for the hotel and our expenses. The money has to be changed somewhere (be careful when carrying high amounts of cash in your pocket ...).

We got more and more unsure whether it was a good idea to go to Iran but the curiosity and the hope that people are nearly the same in the whole world was still bigger.


Lost in Translation :)

The frontpage of cocoate was in the past a mixture of different languages.

Today I separated the content of the frontpage depending of the language you have configured with the language switcher.

The default language of cocoate is English. If your browser is tied to a special language these language should appear as default for you. E.g. if your default browser language setting is French, the French cocoate frontpage should appear.


JoomlaDay New England

Joomla!Day New EnglandThis weekend Christine and I attended Joomla!day New England in Brattleboro, Vermont, USA. The event took place in the local Marlboro College Graduate School and was organised by Jen Kramer, Andrea Tarr and many more people (btw, they should be mentioned somewhere on the site). It started Friday evening with a template workshop held by Matt Thomas and Barb Ackemann. We arrived just on time to attend this workshop, had pizza and learned a lot about the construct template framework.

We ended up in a bar near our hotel, the Latchis, which is a famous Art Deco building in Brattleboro.

Next day the Joomla!Day started with a


International Barcamp Bodensee, Friedrichshafen, Germany

Barcamp Bodensee - Session Board

Barcamp Bodensee 3 will be on Saturday June 9th and Sunday June 10th 2012 on the Campus of Zeppelin University at Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance. (We plan do a get together on Friday nite for those already present.) The event series (barcamps around lake Constance) has the tag #bcbs. The camp in 2012 has the tag #bcbs12

Barcamp Lake Constance is (besides Berlin) one of two international Barcamps in Germany.

That means that international visitors are explicitely welcome, that the organization language is English and that all sessions, where non-German speakers are present, are expected to be in English.

The idea is to bring the net and Barcamp crowds together on a European level - and beyond.

Former camps have been in 2008 and 2010 in Friedrichshafen (which has an airport) and Constance (which is easily reachable by train from Zurich Airport). Up to now we had barcampers from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, France and Serbia. We are looking to expand this range.

The historical backdrop for the idea to create such a camp in this location is that Lake Constance was a European center in the Middle ages. (Council of Constance, 1414-18 and Reichenau Island)

So: let's geek