Joomla! 2.5 - Beginner's Guide

"Jumla" is the Swahili word for "all together" and was the inspiration for the name Joomla!.The Joomla! project is one of the biggest content management systems worldwide, backed by a global community. Joomla! 2.5 is the sucessor of Joomla! 1.5. It is a long term release and represents the state of the art for the Joomla! project from January 2012 to July 2013.

It lets you create unique websites in your own language. Even if you are not a specialist :-)

'Joomla! 2.5 - Beginner's Guide' is Available on the iBookstore

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  • About the Book
  • Introduction
  • Showcase
  • Installation
  • Structures and Terms
  • What's new in Joomla! 2.5?
  • Managing Content
  • How to Create an 'About Us' Page
  • A Typical Article
  • Media Manager
  • Contact Form
  • Statuses, Trash and Check-Ins
  • Structure Your Content with Categories
  • Website and Content Configuration
  • Templates
  • Navigation
  • Users and Permissions
  • Extension Management
  • Core Extensions
  • Modules
  • Plug-Ins
  • Working with Templates
  • The Beez Template
  • Why SEO is important for you
  • Multi-Language Websites
  • A Joomla! 2.5 Website from Scratch
  • Upgrade from older versions
  • Earning respect and money with Joomla
  • Resources
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Thanks a lot!
What about to mobi version?

The Italian version is available?

There will be an Italian version asap.
The HTML version is growing (Thanks to Cinzia)
When it's ready I will put it together to a PDF .... hopefully at the end of Februar 2012

Very useful and helpful!! THANKS

Oh yes, I've noticed ... thanks a lot. I already sent an email ... best regards Hagen

Thank you for the quick reaction: The book is out right in time!

Hi Hagen .... ich liebe Deine Tutorials !
Wie sieht es aus mit der Deutschen 'Beginner's Guide' ? Hab ich nicht gefunden ....

LG moonclimber

Ist in Arbeit! :)
Und ... ich suche noch Sponsoren :)
Viele Grüsse

Gracias por tomarse el trabajo de hacer tan buen libro. No soy propiamente principiante pues he realizado dos sitios en Joomla 1.5 pero al leer esta completa guía he podido descubrir nuevas ventajas de esta ultima version, 2.5, y siento que puedo empezar con toda confianza el montaje de mi sitio web en joomla!2.5
Great book, good job! Thanks so much for this excellent guide.
Catalina, from Colombia south america

thank you very much indeed fow your hard work.
I appreciate it a lot!

The Spanish version is available?

Thanks in advance

On the book joomla 25 beginners-guide, it mentions a video that is supposed to show how to remove the installed sample data, but it is not in the pdf (of course) and I was wondering if it is available on youtube in English or somewhere that I could view it?

I recorded a couple of screencasts for Joomla 1.6.

They are available in our screencast section.

The video you are looking for is this

best regards



Hello, I search the version in Portuguese .. someone tell me if there already?
Thank you!

it is very useful for all beginner.

thanks it helps mi a lot

Just downloaded the j25de.pdf file and I can not open it. File is corrupt and may not bee recovered... I checked it with somebody else at the german joomla chat and they had the same problem.

Thank you for updating it to a working version :)

Please try again
German version: (108890)
It should work now

Hi, my name is Ivo.
I have tried a couple of times to open the downloaded file - the ENG version - but still and still it reports corrupted file. Same was on the joomla magazine site. Starting to worry it is smth on my machine. Can anybody help me by emailing me what he/she has as a openable pdf file - the engl version pls to my email =====

Thanks and ... happy day to everyone - managed to DL tx to consierge

Hi Ivo,

please try again the English version: (200011)

It works like a charme for me cheeky


Per - fecto

Tx guys, please dont send me any more copies

I'm Adam,...

I'm Newbie for joomla 2.5, I want to download this file but this server is low and if download stop in the middle I can't resume directly, I must go for first again to download this file,.. can you change file hosting this file,... please,...... Thank's

I'm a huge Drupal fan and ahave no intentions of shifting loyalties.


I was setting up on ubuntu and found that using the default stack for all server and taking help from ubuntu forum was loads better then xampp.

Thanks for your comment. I assume xampp is good for Windows, mamp for Apple OSX and as you said ... the default stack for Ubuntu :)

Exactly the book I was looking for! Thank you so much for the work you have put into it - and for making it print-friendly.

Super livre, très utile, merci !

it's a nice book