megaupload, Kim Schmitz, Apple and SOPA

IMG_0064Ok, to understand my thoughts you have to spend a bit time, follow the links and watch the videos and sources I linked to (or may be not, if you know them all).
I know it's complicate and it takes time, but the world isn't that easy :)

Step by step


The blackout/strike against SOPA/PIPA seems to be successful

Apples education thingie

As you may know, I am author/writer and I offer my books for free here on that website in different languages (publications). I was curoius and downloaded the iBook Author app for playing around with it. It's wonderful, perfect ... I like it ... and I will for sure use it to create a book. I already work with Pages. Pages is old, it is slow, but I like it. Unfortunately the files you produce with iBook Author are tied to the Apple platform. It is not allowed to offer them for free download on my website. I am only allowed to offer them in Apples iBookstore. In Cory Doctorows video I learned, that this idea of appliances is a bad idea. Hm ... in general I agree with him ... but if you are in a situation like me ... why not trying it out?
May be later on an open source project will offer a similar authoring tool.
Nearly the same content that appears as in my printed books is already available in a much better shape here on the website in a free HTML version, with slideshare presentations and videos included and dowanloadable as PDF ... ok, I have to think about that.

Kim Schmitz

In the middle of the nineties he was known quite well in Germany, he founded a company called Data Protect and sold it to a serious institution (TÜV Rheinland).

It was the time where the internet was "new" and people started to build "homepages". There was a huge discussion between him and the CCC.

in German:

In 2001, he had problems with other companies he founded, with inside trading and got in legal trouble. The wikipedia article about him is growing and growing over the day ... read it.

2011 Auckland New Year Fireworks

  • he seems to be a poser, a cheater and he likes luxury cars, parties and girls

... ok ... sounds like someone who needs a therapy treatment ... as many others ...

He achieved early notoriety by being the subject of an advanced-for-its-time flash animation video called Kimble Special Agent (right mouse click on the blue box and click play)

Seems to me that the flash animations partly came true ...

He's a meme's dream :)

The Best Worst Photos of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom

The Indictment


  • 1. $175,000,000 in United States dollars;
  • ... 64 more bank accounts ...
  • ... 15 more cars ...
  • 68. 2005 Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM, VIN WDB2093422F165517, License Plate No. “GOOD”;
  • 69. 2004 Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM AMG 5.5L Kompressor, VIN WDB2093422F166073, License Plate No. “EVIL”;
  • 70. 2010 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG L, VIN WDD2211792A324354, License Plate No. “CEO”;
  • 71. 2008 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe, VIN SCA2D68096UH07049; License Plate No. “GOD”;
  • 72. 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, VIN WDD2120772A103834, License Plate No. “STONED”;
  • ...
  • 75. 2007 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG, VIN WDD2163792A025130, License Plate No. “KIMCOM”;
  • 76. 2009 Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG, VIN WDC1641772A542449, License Plate No. “MAFIA”;
  • ...
  • 81. 2010 Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG, VIN WDD2163742A026653, License Plate No. “HACKER”;
  • 82. 2005 Mercedes-Benz A170, VIN WDD1690322J184595, License Plate No. “FUR252”;

The A-Class (A170) was may be a typo or the neighbours car :)

I love the license plates :) (GOOD, EVIL, CEO, GOD, STONED, KIMCOM, POLICE, MAFIA, HACKER)

In the morning Elliot Kembers took photos at "dotcom mansion" (Kim Schmitz gets his cars seized!)

Flickr Fotos from the album Schmitz by Elliott Kember

Hello, what's this? Tow trucks?IMG_9806
First to go: The Rolls. It's tricky to see, but the number plate at the front is GOD. The back one's taped over.IMG_9809
Made friends with some locals: this is the view form the hill. Nice place!IMG_9832
A pink Caddy?!IMG_9850
There's the Caddy again. Sad times!IMG_9881
Looks fast. C65 AMG?IMG_9905
Traveling significantly slower than its rated top speed.IMG_9907
Now we're talking.IMG_9933
G Wagen!IMG_9936
Bye bye.IMG_9950
What's this then?IMG_9965
Can it be?IMG_9967
are they HACKER and V?IMG_0006
Yep. Off to the pound.IMG_0023
Well then.IMG_0063
I think GUILTY was more appropriate.IMG_0064
Pretty accurate. Also FBI.IMG_0065
There was one truckload after this that I couldn't stick around to see. Here endeth the lesson.IMG_0068
30 out of 30 on Flickr


Megaupload, the file-sharing service of the company, allowed all users to upload files to the service. After a successful file upload, the user was given a unique URL which allowed others to download the file.

The service was available in two flavors: basic and premium. The basic service was available for free and allowed users to upload files of up to two gigabytes. Free users could not download files larger than one gigabyte, however. Registered free users were offered 200 gigabytes of total file storage. Premium users had unlimited file storage - more on Wikipedia ¨

There are more of these kind of companies.

Today in the morning, when I was out for buying croissants and the baker told me, that the site isn't fully down. He tried and it was possible for him to reach his files.

The baker told me that - in Fitou!

Seems that the service was quite popular :)

According to the FBI:

180,000,000 users, 13th mostfrequently visited website on the entire Internet, an average of 50 million daily visits, and to account for approximately four percent of the total traffic onthe Internet

MegaUpload Accounted for a Quarter of All Corporate Traffic—More than Dropbox

According Alexas 100 topsites: No. 72 website of the world and No 22 in France.

Megaupload wasn't just for pirates: angry users out of luck for now

The Video

First watch it!

The fat guy in the middle (1:50) is Kim Schmitz. The other people are more or less simply stars (, P Diddy, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Jamie Foxx, Kim Kardashian, Lil John, The Game, Floyd Mayweather, Serena Williams, Ciara) .

There are two insteresting stories around this video:

While I am writing this blog post, the video was watched 50,000 times!

The Data - Where is it now? stored nearly 25 PetaByte client data. Who has access to that data now?

Is is possible to do the same with Microsoft Azure Data, Amazon Cloud Data, Dropbox Data and other cloud stored data?


During the night and in the morning Anonymous supporters attacked the websites of the Department of Justice, the FBI and Universal Music Group, among others. The hacktivists used a technique called a Distributed Denial of Service to overload their targets with web traffic and effectively force them offline.

*[image: 013.jpg]
*O grupo hacker Anonymous anunciou no início da noite desta sexta-feira
(20) que tirou do ar o site do FBI em retaliação, após a divulgação de uma
ação que tirou do ar o site Megaupload, um dos maiores sites de
compartilhamento de arquivos da internet, na quinta-feira (19).

Os sites do Departamento de Justiça, da gravadora Universal Music e da
Motion Picture Association of America, associação de estúdios de cinema,
também foram retirados do ar mais cedo. A página da gravadora BMI também
ficou fora do ar, como parte do que os ativistas estão chamando de
'#OpMegaUpload'. Quando um site é derrubado, usa-se o termo 'Tango down',
de origem militar (inimigo abatido).

O grupo também derrubou as páginas da Associação Americana da Indústria de
Gravação e da associação de chefes de polícia do estado de Utah, além do
site de registro de copyrights.

O tipo de ataque supostamente dirigido aos dois sites é conhecido como
negação de serviço. Ele, basicamente, consiste no fato de vários
computadores ao mesmo tempo tentarem enviar solicitações a um site, de modo
que ele fique instável. Dependendo da carga de acessos simultâneos, a
página fica fora do ar.

Em comunicado, o grupo Anonymous afirmou, mais cedo: “A ação contra o
Megaupload mostrou que não é necessária uma lei como a Sopa ou sua irmã, a
Pipa, para tirar um site do ar.” Os dois projetos de lei, parecidos, visam
proteger a propriedade intelectual e impedir a pirataria online. Na quarta
(18), diversas páginas dos EUA protestaram contra as propostas, ficando
fora do ar ou exibindo mensagens em suas páginas iniciais.

`Indústria do crime´
A “indústria do crime”, termo pelo qual o FBI se refere ao site, é chefiada
por Kim Dotcom, fundador do Megaupload, que mantém residência na Nova
Zelândia e em Hong Kong, sede do site de compartilhamento.

“Por mais de cinco anos, o site operou de forma ilegal reproduzindo e
distribuindo cópias de trabalhos protegidos por direitos autorais,
incluindo filmes – disponíveis no site antes do lançamento –, músicas,
programas de TV, livros eletrônicos e softwares da área de negócios e
entretenimento”, diz o órgão.

O site Megaupload tem mais de 150 milhões usuários registrados, 50 milhões
de visitantes diários e soma 4% de todo tráfego da internet mundial.

De acordo com o FBI, o modelo de negócios do site de compartilhamento de
arquivos promovia o upload de cópias ilegais. Tanto é que o usuário era
recompensado pelo site quando incluía arquivos que eram baixados muitas
vezes. Além disso, o Megaupload pagava usuários para criação de sites com
links que levavam para o serviço.

Conforme alegado no processo, os administradores do site não colaboraram na
remoção de contas que infringiam direitos autorais, quando solicitados
pelas autoridades. Para citar o “descaso” da empresa, o FBI comenta que
quando solicitado, o site ia lá e removia apenas uma cópia, deixando
disponível outras milhares de cópias do arquivo pirateado.

Vídeo controverso de apoio
Em dezembro, em função de um processo da gravadora Universal contra o
Megaupload, o site lançou um vídeo em que vários artistas americanos –
também vítimas de cópias ilegais distribuídas no serviço – apoiam o que a
página faz. Em um dos trechos,, do grupo Black Eyed Peas, diz:
“Quando eu quero enviar alguns arquivos pelo mundo, eu uso o Megaupload.'

Artistas como o ator Jamie Foxx, a jogadora de tênis Serena Willians e o
rapper americano Kanye West aparecem no vídeo apoiando o site dizendo que
“gostam do Megaupload”.

Alguns dias após o lançamento do vídeo, o cantor informou que ele
não havia autorizado o uso da sua imagem na campanha. O vídeo chegou a ser
removido do YouTube, mas há várias cópias dele disponíveis no site.

Fonte: UOL*Grupo hacker afirma que tirou site do FBI do ar

Difference The Pirate Bay and Megaupload

Megaupload charges it's users, The Pirate Bay asks for donations. Big difference.

Questions to me

  • What was good and what was wrong with the business model of megaupload?
  • What is good and what is wrong with the business model of Universal?
  • What is good and what is wrong with the business model of Apple concerning iBook Author and iBookstore?
  • What could be a better business model for all of them?
  • Is there a way for Authors, Writer, Journalists to get paid for their work beside the old model?


kimble_themovie.swf546.57 KB


First of all, thank you for this large an detailed article.

"Is there a way for Authors, Writer, Journalists to get paid for their work beside the old model?"
you could also ask: if everything is "open" and freely reachable .. is there a way to be paid ...
that's the big question, for a lot of people. not only writers and journalists ...

in Germany they are thinking about a "cultureflat", I found an interesting article here, concerning the old "Urheberrecht":
i am not sure if this will be a solution.

the question is: what people would pay for? if you can have everything for free, nobody will accept to pay anymore, why should he?

people normally pay for: things they (think they) need, things that are a kind of "status" (like cars ;)), things they must pay for because they have a price.

In a system where payment is the base for everything, you can't install a "free and open" priceless system, because at the end there is a lot of work nobody will pay for anymore. sure everybody can try to offer his work for free with the dream to become "famous" and "rich" (maybe it would be sufficient to just have enough to eat and a sure place to live at) . But all what you get is a giant pool of concurring persons. And how many of them at the end will have the chance to earn money with the things they are engaged in?
In worst case we'll all end up by becoming "bohemiens", sitting for a free internet with a lot of open source applications and have nothing to bite (eat).

And best case? till today I found no answer, maybe it will be a kind of "communistic" society, but that's a bad word and even the open source scene avoids to pronounce it clearly.