Simplified Download Process

Keep it simple, stupid (and short)For the last three months we have used the e-commerce system at our cocoate site to manage the free downloads.

I basically wanted and still want to know how many pdfs were downloaded and from which part of the world. The checkout process additionally gave the possibility to the downloaders to donate something and a few people did - Thank you for that.

We received a lot of comments concerning the checkout process. Some people complained that the pdfs are not for free anymore if it is necessary to provide an email and your country. Other people liked the process because afterwards they had a user account on cocoate and all their downloads on one place.

Nevertheless I agree that the process was too complicated for a free download and so we simplified it radically!

The result is a new area on each page of the cocoate site

Just click on the link to download and on the cover to have more info about the book ... and don't forget (if you like the idea) ... to make a small donation (via PayPal) ... to flattr us (What is Flattr?) .... or to sponsor a chapter :)