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TMVR Video SwitchJust a small wrap-up on our screencast activities.

I just finished the recordings for a German Joomla! 1.6 screencasts DVD (Video Training for Pearson). I'll also record a German Drupal 7 screencasts DVD (video2brain) in a few weeks (Therefore I am still looking for suggestions). My goal is to offer as many screencasts as possible for free. Free in the sense as I did with the Joomla! 1.6 Beginner's Guide book. One of the biggest problems for me is ... how to survive using this approach? :) I have no solutions at the moment but Flattr, the Joomla! 1.6 Beginner's Guide as a printed book and paid download and a few adsense banners on cocoate. So, it's up to you whether this will work or not.

In the last months I recorded something at times :) and for these videos I have created different channels. The English screencasts may sound funny because of my limited English, but the feedback I got on them was more than motivational and I am planning to record more! In the last few days, I converted all the screencasts to HD format (1,280×720 pixels - 720p). Wherever possible, I assigned the videos to the Creative Commons Attribution + NoDerivatives (by-nd) License. You can find the screencasts at the following places.

cocoate Website

All screencasts are listet in the section. It is possible to filter according to languages and topics.
The screencasts are linked to book chapters if there is one.
A single screencasts URL has the structure[language][id], e.g.
The language and the ID appear in the headline too.


I like vimeo for different reasons. The pro account costs me US$ 60 a year :(


YouTube is free and I have to put them there. :)


Since I work with Apple products, it is necessary to have an own video podcast in iTunes. :-) Voilà:

Have a look and hopefully it will be helpful for you!