droopress #007 - Wine & The Future

The typical 2011 predictions mostly cover social media, location based services, smartphones and the development and use of online communities. Dries Buytaert (Drupal) is using the location based tool on his very own way. Matt Mullenweg (WordPress) is using it too. People usually want to have a face behind a project and Dries and Matt are doing this job in a wonderful way. But Dries is not Drupal and Matt is not WordPress. Both founded a project and these projects got bigger and bigger in the last years. What would WikiLeaks be without Julian Assange? Many insiders would say "a better project" :-) but without him the masses did not know about the WikiLeaks project. Julian created a complete new market of information and journalism. Will Drupal, WordPress and Joomla! create a complete new market for content? I think so. All three have reached a significant market share in 2010. They are now more or less "the standards". All three are doing generally well and are struggling with the usual suspects (scaling the projects, UI related topics, performance) and it is not easy for an outsider (and potential client/user) to figure out the direction of the projects in the future.

The Future in Details (2011)

  • Drupal: In the last years I found predictions on drupal.org for 2008, 2009 and 2010. Last week I was looking for predictions but found nearly nothing. Well, except chx' post about scheduling Drupal 8 with a release date in 2012. Hey, we have a new year, what's up? [UPDATE - found this in the morning] Drupal 2010 retrospective and 2011 predictions
  • WordPress: I found 140 posts in the wordpress forum topic 'What should 2011 hold for WordPress?'.
  • Joomla!: It is hard to predict something in Joomla! especially when it is about the future :-) but here is a good story from the Joomla! shop joomlart about a year of social growth.

It seems to me that the big pictures for the future painted by big leaders are not that necessary anymore and the projects arrived more or less in another stage of reality where it is more about distributions, interface design and providing good services (greetings from linux :-)).
This leads me to the main topic of this column.


Yesterday I read a lot about wine. Not about drinking, more about the background. To have a common ground I will provide a few figures. The history of wine started 8.000 years ago in Iran and Georgia. The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (which exists since 80 years) reports that the worldwide wine production in 2010 was around 250 million hectolitres (mhl). To get a better idea of how much wine this is, imagine bottles. This is an average of four bottles for every human being in the world - every year. But not everyone is drinking wine in the world. Half of the production is consumed in France, USA, Italy, Germany, China and UK. China? Well there are many Chinese people out there :-)

Why am I telling you about wine in this column? The wine business is definitely not a trending twitter topic but it has existed for 8 000 years and I assume it will exist in next 8 000 years too. The general theme of the annual World Congress of Vine and Wine is 'The Construction of Wine – A Conspiracy of Knowledge and Art' - WOW!

pic 271

These guys need help! They are reading the trending topics on twitter too and they are looking for possibilities to use social media, location based services and all the community stuff for their wine business.

So, what's up about wine in Drupal, WordPress and Joomla!?

A small overview:

Surely, this is not the whole picture. It is only a small glimpse, but wine is a world wide market with a turnover of nearly 100 Billion US$ and they need more or less everything! :-)

Let's do something in 2011 and have another glass of wine.