It is time again for a big change.
Well, I actually change myself and what I do constantly. But this time it's different. I want to do a deeper change in my life, I want to live differently.
My work takes a very big place in my life, I can't really distinguish between work and leisure time, somehow both parts overlaps always. This is ok for me, but I want to tidy up, because I am permanently busy and have only little time for recreation and that is not good for me.
So I thought I "clear out" my company That means, I will analyze for what I spend how much time, with which activities I earn money and what do I like most. The result of this analysis is the basis for the modification of

And I describe this process in public.
This is new for me, because until now I worked more or less concealed. But I would like to get hints, tips, ideas,suggestions. On the other site, I do show my skills and do incur public criticism and / or approval.

The process is more important than the result? The process is at least as important as the result!



When do you want to look at the website?
i know how to do great graphs and stuff to analyse each section ;)

i can take time in the evening, and we could do like 1-hour or 2-hour sessions couple of nights, if you would like to?

this sounds soooooo much more interesting than what i am doing right now :)

so when do we start?

your excited daughter :)

I think, looking at the website is one of the later steps. At first, I really want to analyze the situation.