Ozio Gallery in Joomla


Often you need a photo gallery on your website and more and more, you need a photo gallery in an article.

Another important feature is to keep the upload and the resizing of the images as simple as possible!


Well, Alex Red had a good idea to combine Joomla with Google+.

  • In Google+ it's very easy to upload photo with any device.
  • In Joomla it's very easy to create a website

Ozio gallery uses adaptive technology and your pictures will be displayed in the correct size on each device

How do I create a gallery?

You have to

  1. install Ozio gallery
  2. create a menu item with the item type Ozio Gallery.
  3. insert the number of the Google+ user account that owns the album in the options. Ozio will look immediately for existing Google+ albums.
  4. configure the display options
  5. use the gallery with a menu link or insert it with a macro in an article

1. Install Ozio Gallery

First you have to download and install the extensions package. You can find Ozio in the Joomla Extension Directory and/or directly on the opensourcesolutions.es website. In my case the name of the package was oziogallery-3.3.6.zip. I uploaded it in my "Joomla playground website" - Extensions -> Extension Manager -> Install (Figure 1, Figure 2).


Figure 1: Upload Ozio extension

Installation SuccessInstallation Success

Figure 2: Sucessful Installation

2. Create a Menu Item

You have to create a menu item with the menu item type Ozio Gallery 3 - Fuerte Skin (Figure 3).


Figure 3: Select Menu Item Type

3. Google+ configuration

You have to insert the number of the Google+ user account in the options. Ozio will look immediately for existing Google+ albums. You can find the user number in the URL (https://plus.google.com/103479908659255208384/posts) (Figure 4). It is possible too to display private photos when you add the Google authkey.


Figure 4: Select an album

4. Configure the display options

There are plenty of settings for your gallery in the options tab of the menu link (Figure 5)


Figure 5: Effects and Options

5. Use the gallery with a menu link or insert it with a macro in an article

You can use the gallery as it is with that menu link. Another interesting feature is to embed the gallery in an article. To find the correct macro you can visit Components -> Ozio Gallery 3. A list of available galleries with the embed code are displayed (Figure 6).


Figure 6: Looking for the embed code

After you found the embed code you have to insert it in your article. You even can use the Ozio button below the editor window to insert the correct code (Figure 7).


Figure 7: Insert the gallery in an article

At the website, (have a look at my example)  it looks like in Figure 8.


Figure 8: Ready article


I played the whole day around and tested more or less anything and the component is truly amazing. I like the combination of different services and I would love to have something like this for flickr images :)

The only problem I noticed was that it doesn't works fine with bootstrap based templates (I tried it with the Strapped template).

Also, make sure that the images have a consistent format. The gallery adjusts its size automatically and it's possible that you cannot see the navigation anymore.

In my example I use the Beez template and it works like a charme!